Guilty Reader Tag

I'm trying to catch up with some book reviews, it's sometimes hard to find time to actually sit and get my thoughts together after reading a book, so I usually put it off.  I would take notes, but my reviews aren't extensive anyway, so I'd rather refrain from doing that.  In the meantime, I'll do … Continue reading Guilty Reader Tag

Time Bomb – Review

I cannot get over how amazing this book was! It covers some tough, but very real issues including racism, bullying, sexual orientation, perfection, and of course, the act of a school being bombed.  Each character has some sort of problem that readers can easily relate to.  We've all had to deal with at least one … Continue reading Time Bomb – Review

Aliens from Arapholanx: the Birth of a Rebellion – Review

Aliens from Arapholanx took me on an adventure in the Earth's underground!  I really felt like I was on Patrick's adventure alongside him and his comrades.  And although Patrick is the main character of the story, you get to see what goes on in other places from time to time, which really helps to understand … Continue reading Aliens from Arapholanx: the Birth of a Rebellion – Review