The Last Best Story – Review

This is one of those moments when judging a book by a cover bit me in the behind. This was not at all what I expected it to be.

The structuring of the story was a little complicated with the constant flashbacks, prolonging the actual events of what the story was really about. It took forever to get to the actual “conflict” of the book where the prom goes on lock-down because of a supposed shooter in the school.

As far as characters go, Rose was okay, but I didn’t understand how she could end up liking Grant after all the bashing she’d done. To me it just seemed like she was fed up with him, so the whole turnaround was like, what? Grant on the other hand was a little brat. He seemed okay at first, but then you realize how manipulative he is of his friends, especially when it comes to anything relating to the newspaper (which for him, is just about everything).

This book had the potential to be great give that it dealt with a very serious topic, but it was poorly executed. There wasn’t enough focus on the issue of a school shooting.

Rating: 2/5 stars

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