Review: The Birth of a Rebellion

Patrick was sure of three things at this point. His captors were definitely not human, they weren’t on Earth to make new friends and he was the only one in a position to stop them.

The King of Pluto had spent the better part of two decades spreading his empire across the Galaxy. With magic on his side, it’s been a rather easy task. Things on Earth were going as planned, nothing standing in the way of a peaceful infiltration. That is, until Patrick, curious as ever, stumbled upon the underground Alien base hidden deep within the woods. Now, everything the King has worked for is at risk as his own turn against him and Patrick inadvertently sparks a rebellion.

Follow along as Patrick ventures deep beneath the surface of our planet, racing against the clock to claim their ancient source of power as his own. With unimaginable threats looming at each turn, he will face the greatest challenges of his life. And if he doesn’t succeed, it’s all of our lives at stake.

The first of the Aliens from Arapholanx saga took me on an adventure in the Earth’s underground! I really felt like I was on Patrick’s adventure alongside him and his comrades. Although Patrick is the main character of the story, you get to see what goes on in other places from time to time, which really helps to understand why some things happen the way they do (like after Patrick gets to the orb).

I was amazed by the originality of this book. The circumstance of aliens invading Earth is no new idea, but to put the fate of the universe on a teenager, have him make alliances with aliens from different planets, discover new beings (like ice people, fire people, and more), and using powers of a mysterious orb to save the world. Following Patrick and his new friends as they go into the depths of the Earth’s underground was just a journey I wasn’t expecting with this novel.

Some of the characters that Patrick meets along the way are interesting characters. I’m definitely interested in more of Flupotia and Gin-us’s backgrounds, and after the end I am hoping that Mark will make an appearance in the next book. There’s something about that conflict with him and Patrick that makes me want to see what happens with them.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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