Common Bookworm Problems

We all have them and they come in many forms.  We tweet about them constantly and share them in Instagram posts.  The fact is, we'll always have problems as bookworms, but the most important things is what we're not alone.  So many of these problems are common... so I'd like to share a few so … Continue reading Common Bookworm Problems

The Third Twin – Review

When Lexi and Ava were younger, they made up an imaginary triplet named Alicia who served as their way out of trouble when they were kids.  Now she's their alter-ego when dating boys they'd never consider dating as their real selves. Then one of those boys ends up dead. Then another. Lexi thinks it's time … Continue reading The Third Twin – Review


There are books that I have forced myself to finish - whether it was for school or because I apparently wanted to torture myself, though usually it's the latter.  I can think of more than enough times where I pushed myself to finish a book despite the fact that I had no interest in what … Continue reading Read-gret