Royals – Review

This was a cute, light read about Daisy, a teen from Florida, whose sister is newly engaged to a prince from Scotland.

Daisy’s summer plans are uprooted as she and her family travel to Scotland to stay with her sister in advance of the wedding.  This way the families can meet because although Daisy’s sister and the prince have been together for some time, they have kept their families relatively separate.  So upon Daisy’s arrival to Scotland, drama ensues with Prince Sebastian, the younger brother of the prince her sister is marrying, and in order to cover it up Daisy has to fake-date Seb’s best friend, Miles.

As I mentioned, Royals is a light and cute read that will certainly have you laugh out loud a few times between Daisy and Miles’s bantering.  Daisy is just a fireball of sarcasm and really has her own way of doing things, which I enjoy.  Miles is a bit hard to like at first, but as he warms up to Daisy I found myself liking him more.  This was a great summer read and I recommend it for anyone looking to get themselves out of a reading slump.

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