10 Light-Reading Book Recommendations

There’s only about a month left of summer vacation for most students, and even in the work world, people are always taking vacations this time of year to get away for a week or so.  Most of that ends after the first week of September and the seasons begin to change.  This also means there’s only a month left for Summer Reading Challenges, for both kids and adults.  So to kick off that last month of summer reading, I want to share ten light reads that are easy to get through so that everyone can finish off their challenges easily!

Most of these books are young-adult books, as that is what I tend to read most, but even if you do not usually read YA books, you might still want to give these a shot!  There is one non-fiction, but it’s a funny little book that you will love if you work in a library (or have librarian friends!).

10 Light Reading Recommendations

All of these were books that I could easily get through in a day, either because they are pretty short or just captured me and I couldn’t stop reading.  I feel like a lot of people will agree.  Even if you don’t finish in a day, you will just find that these are nice, light reads that you’ll (most likely) enjoy!

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