10 Reactions You’ve Had While Reading

Books can leave us thinking about them for days, make us feel emotions we thought we weren’t capable of, transport us to new words, and so much more.  However, one thing that all bookworms have in common are some of those reactions we have while reading or right after we finish a book.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the more common reactions we bookworms experience.

10 Reactions Bookworms Have While Reading or When They Finish a Book

“What Did I Just Read?

You know, when you read something and you need a moment to process what just happened… or you look up and say, “Okay, when I read this again, that thing will not happen!”

The Jaw Drop

A classic one, and one that we have all done before.  This usually happens when something you did not expect comes in like a wrecking ball and throws you for a loop.  I especially love these moments.


I find this happens a lot in contemporary romance when two characters are just so sweet you get a cavity.  Or they finally realize their feelings for one another and you just can’t help but squeal in joy because you knew they were perfect for each other!

The ‘Why Did I Read This?’

If you’re like me and tend to finish books even when you’re bored with them (something I’m working on), you can’t help but feel that regret of having wasted time (and possibly money) on a book that you did not enjoy… or hated.  This can also be the reaction when you finish a book and realize you have to wait a year for the next one.

The Blanche Devereaux

Sometimes things can get a little steamy (or close to it) or you might just feel the tension between two characters and need to cool yourself down like Blanche from The Golden Girls.


A lot of things about books make us cry – death of a favorite character, the book being over, something very inspirational… it’s hard to list them all.  Either way, you’re a mess and you can’t stop the tears from flowing.

The “I Need to Talk to Someone STAT”

When you read a book that your friends have read (or if you’re in a book club) and you just have to talk about it with them right away.

The “You Need to Read This!”

When a book is so good that you want all of your friends and familiy to read it, whether they are bookish or not.  In fact, you’ll force some of your closest friends to if it comes down to it… just so you can have someone to gush about it with.

The “Nope”

When you finish a book and you can’t cope with the emotions of it right away.  This is especially common when you finish the final book in a series and you’re not ready to leave that world.

Sink to the Floor in Despair

Typcially like the one above, but it’s when you come to terms that the book and/or series is over… really over.

These are just a few of the many emotions we have while reading, but it would take a really long time to go through them all.  Plus, there are probably some that are less common, but are experienced just the same.

So, have you ever reacted this way to a book?

7 thoughts on “10 Reactions You’ve Had While Reading

  1. Kayla says:

    Yessss!!!! These are reactions that I have all the time while reading, the reactions I do the most are; the jaw drop, fangirling, the Blanche Devereaux (I tend to do this one alot ), crying, and sink to the floor in despair.

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