Summer Reading Scramble

Summer Reading… the one thing that many students dread about their time off from school.  In fact, a lot of them dislike it so much that they put it off until the last minute.  And guess what that means?  When they come in to get the book from the library, chances are we don’t have it on the shelf, and there’s probably a waiting list!  Oh, and libraries in surrounding towns probably don’t have it available either.

Sorry kiddos.

It’s a crazy time at the library when summer vacation comes to an end because we’re doing our summer reading parties and getting the last of summer programs in before the season ends, so it’s hard for us to deal with student patrons (and their parents) when they get upset that we don’t have a copy of a book their child was supposed to read this summer.  First of all, we’re only given so many copies from the high school (if they even do that) and again… many of these kids put their reading off until the last minute, so it’s not our fault.

I do have respect for the parents that will get upset at their kids, rather than us librarians, when this occurs.  Some parents were unaware that their child didn’t finish their reading yet or they just get upset that their kid put it off.  More than once we’ve had a parent tell their child that they would buy the book instead, but it was coming out of their child’s allowance/own money because it was their responsibility.  Those are the rock-star parents, let me tell you.

That’s also what my own parents would have done if we’d ever been in that situation.

It’s a bit late to warn students for this year to not procrastinate on summer reading, but next year… get it together guys.  It’s a pain for a lot of people when you put off the reading until the very end.  And the person that obviously suffers the most is you, the student.

3 thoughts on “Summer Reading Scramble

  1. TJ Fox says:

    I think the only time my kids had required summer reading where the book wasn’t provided by the school was when they were given a list of books to choose from and I think that only happened once. I am extremely grateful to our school district for that, otherwise I would absolutely be the parent telling my kid they needed to cough up the money to buy the book.

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    • Genie in a Novel says:

      Well that’s awesome that the school will provide the books for the kids. I guess it all depends on how many books they have and what the budget is like.

      I was lucky enough that I was able to choose whatever books I wanted when I was in school. I didn’t have to read from a list 🙂

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      • TJ Fox says:

        I think that one was for a specific class, maybe even a science class? The had a list of books that touched on the areas of study they would be learning the next year (pretty sure it was an AP Biology class, but I honestly don’t remember).

        My kids are not readers, so they have had very few classes that required summer reading. Isn’t that awful?!

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