Bookish Memes That Are 100% Relatable

I love seeing and sharing bookish memes in my social media feeds because they’re always good for a laugh… and they’re usually 1000% accurate!  I can waste a good amount of time scrolling through bookish memes and saving them to share later on.

So… it’s about time I share some favorites here!

Bookish Memes That Are 100% Relatable

1. Why I read

2. Excuse me??

3. Finishing a book…

4. Why don’t I have any money?  Oh…

5. But it’s for a good cause… (sorta)

6. You asked for it…

7. Relationship Status

That last one… so true.

Again, going through bookish memes is always a fun time.  I’m definitely going to share more as I save them and sort through.  So don’t think that I’m done with memes by any means.

Which bookish memes are your favorites?
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