Escape From the Isle of the Lost – Review

Escape From the Isle of the Lost is the fourth book in the Descendants novels series, which serves as a prelude to the final movie, Descendants 3.  It shows the characters dealing with what they plan to do with the next chapter in their lives, especially since neither Mal, Evie, Jay, or Carlos had really given thought to their futures when they’d been on the Isle (though we learn in this book that Carlos is a junior, unlike his friends).  Meanwhile, the VK’s try to hatch a plan to get more villain kids on the isle to apply for Auradon Prep so that they can get off the isle and have a chance to better their lives.

So I have to say off the bat, I wasn’t impressed with this book like the others.  As I mentioned, this book serves more as a way to give background information to the third movie.  Just as well, it includes the little Descendants: Under the Sea scene in the middle of it… which again, doesn’t serve a purpose to the overall story-line.  There’s really no “meat” to the story… it’s just empty.  Honestly, there wasn’t really a need for this book because it’s not like it explained all that much in the movie that we couldn’t figure out for ourselves, whereas the first book in the series, The Isle of the Lost, gives background to these characters before the first movie, and it even gives background to King Ben’s decision to bring over some villain kids to Auradon.

If there had been a different plot to this book, then it might have been worth it.  But if you’re a fan of Descendants and haven’t get read this book, I’d say hold off.  While there are fun little nuggets in the book, it’s really nothing that you’ll miss terribly.  Of course, that decision is yours.  You might find that you like the book more than I did.  I just personally think it doesn’t compare to the first two in the series.

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

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