Where I Buy Books

When we think of buying books, our first thoughts go to either Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com.  There are other retailers such as Books-A-Million, Book Depository, and Indigo! where plenty of bookworms spend their money.  In fact, out of this list the only one I haven’t purchased books from is Book Depository.  while I live in the United States and use either B&N or Amazon for my book needs, I have been to a Books-A-Million while on vacation, as well as an Indigo! store while I was in Montreal.

The thing about the big chains is that you can buy books both online and in-store.  I do know that there are a few Amazon stores that exist somewhere on the west coast, so I haven’t been to one.  But my state is loaded with Barnes & Nobles and at least one Books-A-Million.  I rarely buy books online, but when I do it’s from Amazon because of Prime.  I can either get my book the next day or within two days, so that always makes me happy.  If I happen to purchase ebooks (which is rare) I do so through Barnes & Noble because I have a Nook Glowlight Plus.

Then of course there are those who live near lesser known bookstores and independent bookstores.  I personally love going into an independent bookstore because each one is different.  There isn’t the same old layout that a chain store has (don’t get me wrong though, I love my Barnes & Noble trips).  Of course, you do usually have to pay full-price for books at the independent stores as they do not offer as many (if any) coupons or deals.  The good thing though, is that you’re supporting them by paying the full price rather than getting 60% off with coupons.

So out of buying books online or in-store, I usually prefer to do so in-store.  This way I can sit with the book and browse through it or read the first few chapters to see if I really do want it or not.  Then of course the atmosphere of a bookstore is always nice – you can find a comfy seat and grab a drink from the cafe.  Or if you’re in an independent shop it just feels more like book-shopping than being in a chain store at times.  Then I just love taking the books up to the register to purchase and sometimes talking to the person cashing me out.  I just always seen to have good experiences in the bookstore, and that’s why I love bookstores.  Online shopping I only do if I know I’m going to like the book, if I have Amazon gift cards, or if I’m purchasing it as a gift for someone else.

Where do you prefer to get your books?  Online or in-store?

One thought on “Where I Buy Books

  1. Sarah Joyce says:

    I’m terrible about buying books online just to save myself the time of a trip to the book store. Now when I actually making to Barnes and Noble or one of my local indies its an experience I savor, grab a coffee, and browse until I run out of time or money.

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