Book vs. Movie: Harry Potter

Happy ‘Back to Hogwarts’ Day!

It’s no surprise to anyone that when a book is turned into a movie that the movie will be missing some key parts or characters from the book.  And with the length of the later Harry Potter novels, it’s really no surprise that a lot of things were missed or shifted around to work for the movie production.  However, for what it’s worth, the movies are great for the time frames they had to work in.

But, as a true Potterhead, I can’t help but nag at some of the things that were missed or done in a different way than the books.

First of all, I would have loved to see Peeves as a character throughout the movies.  He was always a source of comic relief and came through in some sticky moments for the Golden Trio.  I think he could have at least been in the first few films, just to show that he was there.  After all, we did get to see some of the ghosts of the school for the first films.  I do get that Peeves wasn’t a real prominent character to the story-line, but he would have been fun.

Secondly, I have an issue with movie-Ginny, as do most of us.  She was just so… blah in the films as opposed to the books.  Book-Ginny had more energy and a sarcastic attitude about her.  I’m not sure if it was the actress or the directing that was the issue in this case.  I mean, the rest of the Weasleys shown in the movies are pretty spot-on with their characters, so… yeah.  I did like Bonnie Wright as Ginny though, she definitely looked the part.  So I’m thinking it was just more how the script was written for her.  We also didn’t get as much of the Harry/Ginny romance in the sixth and seventh films, but to be honest, there wasn’t as much in the books either (when they were actually together, that is).  As a Harry/Ginny shipper, I would have loved to see more of them together.

And on that note, I would have loved to see a glimpse of Charlie Weasley… even if it was just for five seconds.

We also cannot forget that iconic scene in Goblet of Fire…

Other than that, minus a few issues with the timing of some events, I didn’t have any other issues with the movies.  I have to say that I was actually happy that they did not include the whole S.P.E.W. movement that Hermione tried to get off the ground because I sort of had the same attitude as Ron about it – I just didn’t care.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the house-elves, but I was obviously more involved in the rest of the story.

So, with all that said, what were some things you did or did not like about the movie adaptations?

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