Five on Friday: Books That Left Me a Crying Mess

Friday again!  Hope everyone had an enjoyable week after the holiday!

This week’s topic is Books That Made Me Cry, and when I say this, I mean that “ugly cry.”  Or in other words, the crying that leaves us a mess.  I typically try to avoid these kinds of books because I hate crying that hard, but at the same time I loves those books because it shows how good they are.  I figured I might as well share the top ones that made me lose it so that everyone can enjoy a good cry as well.

5 Books That Left Me a Crying Mess

1. A Time for Dancing – Davida Wills Hurwin

This book seriously killed me when I read it years ago.  I can still remember how hard I cried when I finally got through with it.  To this day I haven’t gone back to reread it because I don’t want to relive those tears.  One of the reasons it hit me so hard was because it just hit home in a certain area and that’s what broke me.  This is the top book that I heavily advise you to keep tissues nearby because it will produce tears.

2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – J.K. Rowling

I can’t get through the funeral scene without producing tears… whether I’m reading the book or watching the movie.  Dumbledore’s death kills me every single time.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m equally upset about all the other deaths too, but this book is the one I have a clear memory of reading, crying at the last three chapters, and then proceeding to go downstairs to my mom in tears about the death.

3. Orbiting Jupiter – Gary D. Schmidt

When I picked up this book, I never expected it to break me like it did.  It was such a small book – a day’s read – and it just had to go the way it did.  This is a book I will recommend because it packs such a punch that you cannot help but love it.

4. The Chance – Karen Kingsbury

Not gonna lie, I tear up starting any one of her books.  This was the second book of hers I read and the story just had me tearing up in all different places.  While I might not have been a total crying mess from this one, it stuck with me for a while.  It was more from the inspiration of the story that made me cry, as opposed to the sad things of the previous books on this list.

5. If Only – Richard Paul Evans

I had a feeling going into this book that there would be some tears shed, and I was right.  The worst part was that I had finished this book on my lunch break at work, so I had to go back with semi-red eyes.  If I had been at home, I do believe the waterworks would have been much worse than they were though.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Believe it or not, it was actually kind of hard to come up with the last two books.  I had to look through my list on Goodreads to jog my memory.  That just goes to show how many books I read that produce tears.  While there are some books I’ve read that are sad or even tragic, I just have an easier time keeping myself composed at times.  These just happened to be the books that I had no control whatsoever.

What are some books that tore you up inside?

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