Five on Friday: Favorite Side Characters

Happy Friday guys!  This week actually went by kind of quick for me, and it was a pretty good week.

This week’s topic is Favorite Side Characters, which I happened to notice was last week’s prompt for some of the blogs I follow.  Seems like we all think alike… I’m just a little later to get on board, haha.  Anyway, I have notitced that I tend to like side characters a lot in the books I read; even more than the main characters at times.  So it irritates me sometimes when the side characters aren’t given enough credit.  Without them, there might not even be a story at times.  They can literally make a book or break it.

Favorite Side Characters

1. Addie from Love and Gelato

She was just so spunky in this book and I needed more of her, so it’s safe to say I was ridiculously happy that Addie got her own story… and in Ireland no less!

2. Chloe from Waiting for Tom Hanks

Chloe is pretty much the best friend all introverted women need.  She was blunt, yet also hilarious.  I can’t wait to see her story develop in Winfrey’s next book.

3. Alex and Rachel from Standing By

Both were great characters in this book and I really wanted more of them to be honest.  Alex is like me, but male.  Rachel was just funny at times, but also really good at giving advice to her friends.  I’d love to see spin-offs with these two.

4. Bex from the Gallagher Girls series

Bex was just a kick-ass character in all the books.  She was definitely someone I’d want as my best friend, especially if I was a spy.  And some of her lines are just fantastic – especially the James Bond one!

5. Ezra and Mia from Two can Keep a Secret

These two were hilarious throughout the book and honestly, they deserve their own spin-off.  That’s all I have to say about them…. I loved them so much I can’t describe it.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The only thing that was hard about this list was narrowing it down!  Even then, I had to pick two for two different books (as you saw) because I couldn’t choose just one.  But that’s okay. What I do like is that one of these characters has a spin-off book and another is getting one in the future.  I do hope that there might be a continuation or spin-off for 3 & 5, but I guess that’s up to the authors on that one.

Who are some of your favorite side characters?

One thought on “Five on Friday: Favorite Side Characters

  1. dinipandareads says:

    For a second there I got really confused thinking that I did last week’s Friday Favorite ahead of time by accident 😂 I haven’t heard of or read any of these books but I’ve got Two Can Keep A Secret on my shelf and i can’t wait to read it and meet these side characters 😍

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