November Wrap Up

This was a pretty slow reading month.  Partly due to the fact that most books I tried reading I couldn’t get into, but also because I was a participant in NaNoWriMo this year for the first time.  While I won that, I didn’t exactly win at reading.  I guess I was just more caught up in my own world than I was with diving into other worlds.

I only completed two books this month, and I’m still reading the third one I’d started.  With luck, I’ll finish it today (if I don’d decide to DNF it first).

read month
  1. Fangirl – 4 stars
  2. Perfect Chemistry – 4.75 (basically 5) stars
Books I’m Still Reading From November
  • I Become Shadow
Books I Did Not Finish in November
  • Down and Across – I just didn’t really get into this book.  I read the first six chapters or so, but wasn’t invested in it.  Maybe another time.
bought month

NONE!  That’s two months now that I haven’t gotten any new books!  I’m actually proud of myself!

divider new

Now, I don’t usually like to do TBR prospects because of the fact I’m such a mood reader, but I’ll give this a try since I really want to read more in December than I did this past month.  My average is usually five books a month, so maybe I can read a little extra to make up for a bad November.  Plus, there are some good Christmas books out there that I’ve had my eye on that I’d like to read (or reread) to get more into the Christmas spirit.


  • The Cruel Prince – Holly Black
  • Ash Princess – Laura Sebastian
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, vol. 1 – Naoko Takeuchi
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Dr. Seuss
  • A Librarian’s Night Before Christmas – David Davis
  • The Mistletoe Inn – Richard Paul Evans
  • Catching Christmas – Terry Blackstock
  • Every Other Weekend – Abigail Johnson (eARC)

So it’s kind of an ambitious TBR, though the two children’s books are just for tradition and will probably both be read within half an hour, but it still counts.  Only one is from my NetGalley shelf as it’s coming out in January, so that’s actually at the top of my list.  Meanwhile, I’ll also be working up a TBR list for 2020 in general because there are some new books coming out I’d like to read as well as a ton that I didn’t get to this year.

What did your November look like for reading/hauls?  And what reading plans do you have for December?
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