Joining Beat the Backlist 2020

So for the first time, I am going to participate in Beat the Backlist 2020 hosted by Novel Knight where I’ll be reading the books that have been on my TBR list for some time.  Even though re-reads count for this challenge and borrowed books from the library/others, I’m mainly using this challenge to make a dent in the books that I own and haven’t read yet.

At this time I have about 80 or so books that I have not read that are sitting on my shelf and Nook device, which isn’t a lot really, but when you consider all the new books that will be coming out in the next year and the books I still want to read that I just haven’t been able to buy yet.. then, yeah.  I don’t want my shelves to be the only things I read all year because then I know I’ll read less than I want to.  So I’ve chosen about 30 books that I’d like to get to, which will make a dent in my Home TBR Pile.

You know… until I buy more books.  Oh, and let’s not forget any books I might get for Christmas.

>My Beat the Backlist Page<

I thought about joining Team TBR Stackers for the challenge, but I feel like I won’t remember to go back to the site (or I’ll just be too lazy to) and I won’t end up earning points for the challenge.  I’d rather not let a team down, so I signed up just as a General Reader.

I’m actually looking forward to being a part of a year-long challenge other than just the Goodreads Reading Challenge, because this is a way to communicate with other bookish people who are also doing the challenge by logging books and partaking in the Instagram Photo Prompts.

What sort of challenges are you looking to participate in next year?

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