2019 Book Awards

This blog post is brought to you by a meme I’ve seen a few times that has some merit to it.  The person asks why we don’t have an awards show for books and lists some different categories… so I wanted to do my own awards “show” for my top books in these categories, plus a few I came up with myself.

So without further ado… here are the 2019 Genie in a Novel Book Awards!

Book Awards

Best male character: Alex Fuentes in Perfect Chemistry

Alex was a very complex character.  On the outside all anyone sees is a delinquent gang member, but he’s actually reluctant to be in this gang and the person he portrays to be at school, and he doesn’t want his younger brothers to ever get involved with the Latino Blood.  He doesn’t believe he’ll amount to anything, but when he begins to get close to Brittany, you see this whole other side of him and you can’t help but love him and his development.

Best female character: Camryn Kingfisher in Afterimage

Camryn starts off telling us right away that she suffers from panic disorder, which hinders her from doing everyday things.  But then she’s thrown into this adventure after an explosion that might or might not have been a terrorist attack and killed her mother.  Then she meets this ghost of someone who worked in the lab with her mother, but only Camryn can see him.  As the adventure goes on, she has to do a lot of things she’s uncomfortable with and it’s not an instant cure for panic disorder, even at the end of the book she still suffers from it, but she’s learning to manage it.  I think that’s a great sense of development that you get to see Camryn go through in this story.

Best protagonist: Max from The Silence of Six (and Against All Silence)

In the first SOS book Max has this huge responsibility thrown on his shoulders after his best friend warns him of a conspiracy right before killing himself.  Max, now alone, needs to figure out what exactly is going on, and though he meets some potential allies along the way, it’s hard to tell who he can really trust and who he cannot.

Best antagonist: Severus Snape in Harry Potter

Snape is a great antagonist because you hate him and love him.  At least I do.  He is a complete jerk for the better part of the series, though he has his moments.  Then later on you realize he knows his part in the scheme of everything, and even more so by the last book.  I know Snape gets a lot of hate and there are a lot of debates about him and his motives, but I personally love him and think he’s one of the best antagonists out there.

Cutest romance: Love á la Mode

Henry and Rose had a connection right from the get-go, and their romance built up at a good pace.  I just really enjoyed reading the two of them.

Would reread: Standing By

This book had a good cast of relatable characters, ones that I loved and think about once in a while.  The story progressed at a great pace and there were just some elements to it that you didn’t totally expect, yet at the same time there were ones that you did.  It’s just such a cute, light read that I would love to revisit, and it’s honestly one of my top recommendations of the year.

Best plot twist: Afterimage

Obviously I won’t spoil what the twist was, but for me, it was definitely unexpected and it was one of those moments where I had to go back and reread what I had just read because I was like “0_o WHAT?”

Kept me up all night: Time Bomb

This book just had turn after turn and left you hanging at times so you had to keep reading.  Even though it was a reread, I still was on the edge of my seat and realized I’d forgotten some of the stuff that happened, as well as saw the foreshadowing signs earlier than the first read.  So yeah, it kept me up for a good amount of time when I should’ve been sleeping.

Prettiest cover: Someday, Somewhere

I mean… just look at it!

Made me cry the most: If Only

I had a feeling going into this that it would end with me in tears… and I was right.

Quickest read: Almost Midnight

Two short stories, perfect for the holidays, and both totally adorable.

Longest read: Fangirl

This was also a reread, but this time it just took me longer to read and get into.  It never takes me more than a week to read a book, but this took me two weeks.  I even read Columbine within a few days!  And that’s a heavy book to read (emotionally).

Most disappointing: Every Moment After

This was just one of those books I knew I should’ve DNF’d but was too stubborn to actually do it.

Book I threw across the room the hardest: none were thrown across the room… this year

(I did throw a book one year, then immediately picked it back up because I needed to know what happened next)

Again, there should really be an awards show for books each year.  But there are so many that are released, I can see why they don’t.  Not to mention all the bookworm riots that would probably happen when their picks don’t win.  So yeah… it’s better off to just do my own individual “awards show.”

What would be your winners for these categories?

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