Book Highlight – Librarian’s Night Before Christmas

We all have our Christmas traditions – decorating the tree as a family, baking cookies, exchanging on gift on Christmas Eve… the list goes on.  I have a few myself with both my parents.  Though one of my newer ones for the past few years has been reading a small book called Librarian’s Night Before Christmas.

“Due to low staffing, a librarian must spend her Christmas Eve stacking the shelves at a library in desperate need of renovations. After the strain of a long night that has left her feeling “like Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol,” she is pleasantly surprised to see Santa and his elves coming to her rescue in a red bookmobile.” -via Goodreads

It’s a cute spin on the classic tale that has a bookish twist to it.  Though a kids book, it is more relatable for adults who work or have worked in a library.  Even if you don’t work in a library though, I think any and all bookworms will enjoy this cute tale.  If you ever get the change, you should definitely check this book out!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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