Christmas Bookish Haul

Hey everyone!  I hope all of your Christmases (or other holidays) were good!  I had a nice two days, spending time with family and just relaxing.  Even so, I was still so tired yesterday.  Who else thinks everything should stay closed the day after Christmas so people can recover?

In any case, I was happy that my gifts for my family and friends went over well.  Some of them better than I expected, and that was better than any present I could have gotten.  I got some good ones myself, and since I’m a known bookworm in my family, I obviously got books and some other bookish presents.

Christmas Haul

Lady Smoke – Laura Sebastian

Again, But Better – Christine Riccio

Hungry Hearts – edited by Dahlia Adler

Sailor Moon, vol 4 – Naoko Takeuchi (not pictured)

Sailor Moon, vol 5 – Naoko Takeuchi (not pictured)

$100 Barnes and Noble gift card

Harry Potter pen

Luna Lovegood Funko Pop

I suppose I could also include the Amazon card I got as well, though I might not buy any books from there.  I might get some things to use towards photography or desk organization.  I actually already used some of my Christmas cash to get one of those carts that everyone is using to hold their books.  Though mine is more to help keep my room organized at this point, the top shelf has room for my overflow books.

Now I can’t wait to use my gift card to get some other books and bookish gifts at Barnes and Noble, though I’m going to try to be good and not spend it all at once.  After all, there are a lot of good books that I’m looking forward to that are releasing next year.

What bookish things did you get for Christmas?

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