2020 Reading Goals and Plans

This year went by pretty fast, and I’m sure most of you will agree with that.  The weird thing is that the first half and second half of the year feel like two completely different years!  Though now that the year is wrapping up I’ve been preparing a bit for next year’s reading plans and bookish things.  I’m also going to try to amp up my blog a bit (there have been changes already) with a few more that I have in mind, which are mainly just some organization goals.

In any case, I’ve been seeing others list their plans for 2020 and thought I’d share mine as well.  But first, I’ll quickly recap my one bookish goal of 2019.

2019 Goals

Goodreads Challenge

Goal: Read 50 books

Total: 85 books

I actually beat my goal months ago… about halfway through the year!  I probably could’ve hit 100 if I hadn’t gone into several reading slumps, but it happens.  I think next year I’ll keep my goal near the same because you never really know what will happen.

2020 Goals

As for the Goodreads Challenge, I’ll be keeping it at 50 books again (maybe 60) because I know I have plans to move this spring/summer, as well as I know I want to start focusing on writing and learning French.  I just want to keep it mostly simple so I don’t feel stressed about keeping up with my numeral goal.  But I do have some other goals I’d like to get to this year…

  • Participate in the O.W.L.S. and N.E.W.T.S. Readathons
  • Complete the Classic a Month Challenge
  • Read more of the books I already own (by participating in Beat the Backlist 2020)

The first two goals above should help me narrow down my Owned TBR list to complete goal number three.  I currently have 80-ish books unread on my shelves and Nook that I need to get to reading.  However, there are a lot of books I’d like to reread as well since it’s been a few years.  The good thing about tackling my home TBR is that I’ll be more likely to go on an extended book buying ban, after Christmas of course (because gift cards), but doing so will help force myself to focus on the books I already own.

Other Bookish Plans

  • Catalog my books: I’d like to keep a spreadsheet or something of my books, to see what I own, in what formats, etc.  It’s a way to keep track of my personal library and maybe I’ll even keep a loaning sheet for when I let my family and friends borrow books.
  • Track what I spend: I realized I bought a lot of books this year, yet I have no idea whatsoever how much I spent on them.  So this coming year I’d like to keep track of just how much of my money goes towards books.  And actually, doing so might make me spend less.
  • Keep my own Reading Log spreadsheet: I recently saw on Book Riot’s twitter that they shared this reading tracker for users to save and fill in on their own.  It allows you to keep a bunch of stats for reading, like how many books you read, how many you DNF’d, what year they were published, when you read them, etc.  It’s like the Goodreads stats on steroids.  I ended up making my own spreadsheet since there is way too much on the Book Riot one that I don’t need, but I’m already in love with it and made a back-list one for this year so I’ll have proper stats (thank God for my reading journal, or I wouldn’t have been able to do this!)
  • Start a new reading journal: I’ve been keeping a bullet journal style reading journal for two years now, but the problem is that I won’t work on it for a while sometimes because it can be a lot of work.  Since I’ll be doing a spreadsheet to log my books and keep track of stats, I’ve decided that I’ll just keep a plain notebook reading journal to keep track of my initial thoughts of books.  If a though I want to include in a review pops up while I’m reading I can jot it down, and I can keep track of some of my favorite quotes in books.
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That’s pretty much all I have so far for my goals and plans.  Honestly, it’s probably enough since I don’t want to get overwhelmed with trying to accomplish too much.  Plus I’d like to keep up on my blog, writing posts and reviews along with keeping it updated.

Happy New Year everyone!

What are your goals/reading plans for 2020?
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5 thoughts on “2020 Reading Goals and Plans

  1. Elley says:

    I’m also hoping to catalogue my books! And weed them at the same time, lol. My physical unread TBR is RIDICULOUS, and I’m probably not truly interested in reading half of them anymore. It pains me, but it’s time to let them go…

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  2. readwiththelibrarian says:

    I’m definitely focusing on not getting overwhelmed in 2020. I already have so many books I need to read for my job, thankfully they’re all elementary/middle grade books so I should be able to go through them quickly. But sometimes reading them puts me in a slump for reading anything after that. Wooosahhh. Balance. I think that’s one of my focus words for next year.

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