Physical Copies or E-Books?

Ah, the great debate of physical versus e-books.  I did a post at some point last year about the preferred format of books after doing a twitter poll.  Most people did prefer physical as opposed to digital, which wasn’t surprising at all.

That goes for me as well.  I’ve always been more of a fan of reading physical books.  I find it a little easier to pay attention, as well as easier on the eyes.  There’s just something about reading a physical book that e-books can’t compete with.  And one thing about physical books is that you can lend them out to your friends, which is sometimes a risk, depending on the person, but since anyone I lend my books too are also book lovers, they’re careful with my babies.  There is also the case of when I do not like a book I’ve received or purchased, I can always donate it to the library or give it to someone who might enjoy it.

The main thing I do like about ebooks is that you can have as many as possible on your device and it’s super light.  However, since I don’t use my Nook that often, I tend to forget about the books that are on that device that I still have to read.  There are some cases though that I prefer to receive an e-book, such as with advanced-reader copies of a book (like with NetGalley).

Overall, I think the pros and cons of both pretty much even out in the end, but I’m still going to always prefer physical books.

Which of the two formats do you prefer?  Print or digital?

7 thoughts on “Physical Copies or E-Books?

  1. dinipandareads says:

    Even though it’s an often asked question I can never pick one or the other coz I really love both! But funnily enough I read faster on my Kindle and I find it easier on my eyes coz of the more natural backlight (compared to phones/tablets or laptops)! I also love being able to highlight passages so easily on my Kindle. That said, nothing beats the smell of an open book and the feel in your hands 💞

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  2. faeryreads says:

    If I had an e-reader as opposed to an app on my phone, I might be more inclined to read e-books, but as it is, I always forget that I have them! Out of sight, out of mind I guess. I do prefer physical books, but I think e-books are great too!

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  3. A Dreamer's Library says:

    I can’t really decide between physical books and ebooks. If I had to I would probably say paperback because there is nothing better than feeling the weight of a book in my hands,
    but then the accessibility that my Kindle gives me is second-to-none.

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