Authors I Discovered in 2019

In 2019 I read a few new authors.  Of them, some were indie authors and then of course there were more mainstream authors that you hear about often or are at least getting a lot of traction at the current time.  There were not too many new ones, since a lot of the books I read were from authors I’d read before or rereads, but there were a few that landed on my radar and that I’ll be keeping an eye on in the future.

Authors I Discovered in 2019

  • Holly Black
  • Jen Calonita
  • Tabitha G. Kelly
  • Adam D. Sipperly
  • Terri Blackstock
  • Stephanie Kate Strohm

The only author on this list I am unsure if I’ll continue reading is Holly Black, not because I didn’t like her books, but because I don’t know if I’ll be able to fully recover from The Folk of the Air trilogy.  Though if there’s ever something that catches my eye that she has written, I will not hesitate to read it!

The authors I am most likely to read again are Stephanie Kate Strohm, Terri Blackstock, and Tabitha G. Kelly.  I loved both Strohm and Kelly’s young-adult novels, and since that is my preferred area for fiction, I am definitely picking up anything else by either author.  Blackstock is known for her Christian fiction, which is another genre I’d like to read more of, so I’m going to be looking for her other books to see if any are of interest for me to read.

Who are some authors you discovered in 2019?

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