Reading Rituals

Day fourteen of the challenge, though I have skipped a few due to not really having anything to talk about for some of them.  Still, we’re already two weeks into the new year and it feels weird because it feels like it just started, but also like it should be later already.

Time is just… weird.

Anyway, the prompt for Day 14 is Reading Rituals.  I can’t say that I have a strict reading ritual, but I do have some habits that I tend to follow.  The first being that I almost always bring a book to the gym with me in the morning.  Even if it’s only one chapter, I will read while I’m walking on the treadmill.  There are days when I don’t read, and those are the days that I’m usually in a rush, but most of the time, I do bring one and get a chunk of reading done while walking.

I also like to do some reading before I go to bed.  It relaxes my brain from the constant light of my phone and computer screens.  Of course, sometimes the book doesn’t necessarily relax me if there ends up being some sort of cliffhanger, then I have to push it and keep reading into the early hours of morning.  But generally, I start reading early enough that I am able to still get to bed in time for a decent amount of sleep.

For the most part, I just usually try to read whenever I have the time.  It can be on lunch breaks at work, an hour before I go in, while I’m doing laundry, waiting at the doctors, etc.  That’s not to say I spend all my free time reading (though I’d get more done if I did) but that’s because I also enjoy photography, drawing, watching shows, and more.  So again, there is no real “ritual” that I follow… just general habits that I go with depending on the day.

What are your reading habits/rituals?

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