Five Bookish Habits

I saw a few other fellow bloggers post this for a weekly challenge, Six for Sunday, but today is not Sunday and I don’t normally participate in the  “day” challenges.  I just thought this particular topic was interesting, so I decided to go along with it.

My bookish habits have changed in different ways over time, but there are ones that have stuck with me in all my years of reading.  So for this I’m actually only going to share five of my bookish habits.  And maybe someday I’ll do a longer post on all my bookish habits.

5 of my Bookish Habits

1. I MUST finish the chapter.  I’m not a person who sits well with stopping in the middle of a chapter when I have to put my book down for the day.  I always prefer to push to the end of the chapter because it is so annoying to find my place in the middle of a page.  Granted, I’ll make exceptions for scene breaks within a chapter, but I still always prefer to just finish the dang chapter.

2. Not reading books I check-out from the library.  I’ve always struggled with this, though it’s not all books.  I do actually read half the books I check out, but I also have a habit of checking out way too many books from the library at one time, hence my not getting around to reading them all.  Which is odd considering I work at the library…

3. Buying more books instead of working on my home TBR.  I mean, we’re probably all guilty of this as a bookworm community.  But I mean… come on, there’s always new books being released for us to get our grubby little paws on!

4. Bringing too many books on vacation.  Another one we probably all do, but even for like 2-3 day trips I’ll bring more books than I’ll read.  However, it’s because I don’t know what I’ll be in the mood for when I’m there, so I need choices!

5. Rereading Harry Potter when the reading slump hits.  We all have our favorites that we go to when we’re in the dreaded slumps, or just because we miss them.  But I find that I’ll almost always reread some Harry Potter books (or the entire series) when I’m in a real bad slump that no other book can bring me out of.

Again, these aren’t all my bookish habits, but these are really the main ones that have stayed consistent throughout my life.

What are your own bookish habits?  Are any of yours on this list?
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3 thoughts on “Five Bookish Habits

  1. Sounds About Write says:

    I definitely share the first four habits with you! Particularly the library one. I know for me it’s I’ll borrow one book… and then another… and then another and then holy hell it’s a small mountain FAR TO BIG TO READ. Then I’ll hand them all back… and borrow another. :p

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