Review: One of Us is Next

I’m still reeling from the twist at the end of this book. I’m just mind-blown guys.

One of Us is Next is Karen M. McManus’s third book and the sequel to her first mystery/thriller, One of Us is Lying. It takes place 18 months after the events at Bayview High, only now there’s a new “Simon” and he’s playing a game of Truth or Dare with the students. Hint: always take the Dare. In this we follow Phoebe, Knox, and Maeve as their lives are affected by this new game.

I was sucked right into the story and could easily visualize all that was happening with this characters as if I was right there with them witnessing it all. For the most part I did enjoy these newcomers and even some of the side characters. Of course, there were those whom I couldn’t stand – Sean, Jules, and Brandon are just a few. The standout side character was Phoebe and Emma’s younger brother, Owen, and honestly I would love to see a book starring him sometime in the future. I might be the only one who feels this way though (but if not, please let me know I’m not alone!).

As you can see, I got a bit excited after I finished the book.

So yet again, McManus kept me on my toes with this mystery, having me guess and wonder who could be behind the Truth or Dare game and why they were doing it. Overall, it was a great follow up to her first novel and I honestly would love to see more of these characters in the future, whether it’s another novel or shorts of their lives after all this.

While you don’t need to read One of Us is Lying to know what’s going on in this book, it helps because there are quite a few references to the first novel. It definitely made me want to go back and reread it, which I might do very soon.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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