O.W.L.’s Readathon TBR

Hey all! I hope you’re all fairing well during this challenging time in the world. It’s definitely not easy, but as long as we all work together and support those on the front lines (health care, first responders, etc) we’ll beat this thing!

Meanwhile, I’ve been looking forward to the Magical Readathon coming up because I missed it all the previous years it’s been held, but I’ve always been aware of it. If you’re new to the Magical Readathon, visit the website to find out more information. And a huge thanks to G for creating this challenge a few years ago and all the work she puts into it!

I was torn for a while on what to choose for a Wizarding Career, but finally chose one. I went with a less obvious one (Librarian, Writer) and chose…

Culinary Sorcerer!

I find it ironic because I really can’t cook much at all. Just a few basic things and that’s it. Though I can follow recipes, I’m just a little too impatient when it comes to eating and lazy for doing a giant load of dishes… especially for just myself. But anyway, that’s the Wizarding Career I’ve chosen and here are the prompts/TBR for this challenge!

Arithmancy // read something outside your favorite genre

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a huge fantasy reader. I read it on occasion when something sounds good. I previewed this a while ago on Kindle Unlimited and it seems good, so I’ll give it a shot!

Charms // Lumos Maxima – white cover

I read this book a few years ago when it first came out and I remember it being hilarious. I think it’ll be a good one to read given everything that’s going on right now.

Herbology // Mimbulus Mimbletonia – starts with “M”

I came across this book one day at work last year, then it ended up going on sale as an ebook and I bought it… and I still haven’t read it. It’s probably about time I pick this one up to read.

Potions // Shrinking Solution – under 150 pages

I’ve always wanted to read some of the Hogwarts Library books, and this is the only one I own at the moment. It’s a small read so why not? Especially since it’s part of Harry Potter!

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So those are my picks for my TBR for this challenge. Of course, they can change as I’m a mood reader, but I feel like these are good picks, and they’re mostly books I’ve been wanting to read anyway. Good luck to anyone else participating and stay safe and healthy out there!

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