How I Track My Reading

Over the years I’ve tried different methods of tracking my reading. The main thing that got me doing this was Goodreads, which I still use, but when it comes to keeping track of all the stats, I found that some readers use spreadsheets to keep track of their stats. I did sort of a mix of Book Riot’s spreadsheet and The Brunette Bookworm’s, then added and subtracted stuff to make it fit more for myself.

This is my basic stats page which  you’ll be able to see more on the blank copy I’m leaving in this post. Of course, my actual copy is always changing as I think of things to add in there.

I find that I actually do better keeping up with the spreadsheet than I do with any book journal I’ve tried. I’ve had the pre-made ones where you just fill in the info, as well as a bookish bullet journal. However, I always fall behind on those and then have to play catch up. It’s just better for me to use Goodreads and this spreadsheets, as they can also automatically keep up with the stats as I fill in the information (after figuring out what formulas to use, that is).

So, if you’ve been looking for a new way to track your reading, or just wanna give the spreadsheet a try, you can access the blank copy of mine in the link below.

>> 2020 Reading Log/Tracker <<

As you’ll see in the spreadsheet, there are also pages for Acquisitions, a Library Log to keep track of the library books you take out, a Lending Log for when you lend your own books out to people, and a Bookish Wishlist for the books you wish to acquire. Obviously, when you copy the spreadsheet to your own Sheets, you can modify all the pages to fit your needs.

How do you usually keep track of your reading?

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