Sharing the Book Love

Growing up I was the only real reader among my friends (though they at least read the Harry Potter books). I was that one student that looked forward to silent reading time while all my classmates hated it. So I was pretty much the outcast book nerd of my grade, but I didn’t care because… well, I just didn’t. This was pretty much the case all the way up through high school until I became real close with the girl who became my best friend (and still is to this day).

However, our tastes differ in some areas, but that’s not a bad thing. It allows us to be able to share when we do think there’s a book the other might like in our preferred genres. And there have been some books that we’ve suggested to each other that we’ve loved, despite that it’s not in our normal genres. Of course, now that she lives in a different state, we’re not able to trade books like we used to.

Now that I work in a library, I have more people to talk to about books, including two co-workers who have become two of my closer friends. Again, our tastes differ, though we do have a common interest in mystery/thrillers, so we often share our favorites in that genre and talk about old favorites as well as new anticipations. What’s more fun is when we’re able to get each other interested in books that aren’t our normal kind of read, and we enjoy them anyway. There have been a few times we’ve gone up to each other like, “I know you don’t normally read [insert type/genre here], but I think you’ll love this book!” and as it turns out, we did!

Would I say it’s more fun to have bookish friends? Of course! How else can you share the love?

What I love now is that there’s a huge social media presence of bookworms now, so there is no shortage of book lovers to discuss books with. If only there had been this kind of community when I first joined the social media train 11 years ago… but we were all still babies then.

I’m just glad we have this community available now!

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