Bookish Pet Peeves

I’m sure we all have bookish pet peeves that just make us cringe or roll our eyes. What I find interesting about pet peeves is how some people cannot stand the actions, while others are like “what’s wrong with that?” It just goes to show you how different we all are. In any case, I thought it would be fun to share some of my personal bookish pet peeves.

My Bookish Pet Peeves

Paperbacks Being Held for a Year

I personally prefer paperbacks when it comes to the hardcover/paperback debate. So when new books come out in hardcover first, I find it annoying that I have to wait a year for the paperback. This is especially annoying when it comes to book series that I start late where only the first two books are in paperback, but the third was just released and the paperback isn’t coming out until next year (Ash Princess series in my case).

Changing Cover Designs

This pertains more to series books, but the question remains the same… WHY?? Especially in the middle of a series. It’s annoying to those of us that like uniformity in our books. It’s fine when it’s an anniversary edition of a series, but even those should wait at least 10 years after the final book before any changes are made. And while we’re on that subject, changing the heights of books mid-series is just wrong as well.

Movie Poster Covers

This is a sin against books and it needs to be stopped.

Stickers on Books

How annoying is it when you peel off a sale sticker on a book and part of it just won’t. come. off? It’s very annoying. Then it makes the book look semi-gross and we bookworms do not like it at all.

Super Hyped Books

I get nervous with books that are getting all the hype because I’ve had bad experiences when I finally get around to reading them. While yes, there are plenty that I do love, sometimes the ones I look the most forward to are disappointments for me (Eleanor & Park, The Circle) or I just don’t see what the big deal is (A Court of Thorns and Roses). Meanwhile, I end up enjoying books that don’t get nearly as much love on any platform.


I’m not a fan of doing this, and when I happen to buy used books at a library sale I get bothered when I find out they’ve been marked inside. I don’t think it’s a crime against books like I do movie poster covers, but it’s not something I like or would do myself. I didn’t even highlight or write in my college textbooks.


While I say there are some series I wish wouldn’t end… I don’t actually mean it. I’m sure most of us don’t when we say that. It’s nice to have an ending and close the story of the characters you love, because if they keep going on and on… you tend to get sick of them.


I probably did this as a kid, but I didn’t know any better. Why would anyone purposely bend the page of a book when you can stick literally anything (be reasonable) in the book to hold your page? It makes the book not sit as well, not to mention it makes the pages more susceptible to rip.

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Well, those are just a few of my bookish pet peeves. Do you share any of these peeves? What are some of your bookish pet peeves that drive you crazy?

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