Post-Quarantine Book Haul

As someone who frequents the nearest bookstore on a regular basis, even if all I do is get a coffee and browse, I really missed going during the state lock-down. While some of my favorite smaller shops are still closed, the Barnes and Nobles stores that are close to me are open for business once again!

Luckily my favorite one in the state is also the closest one, so Monday I took advantage of the beautiful weather and drove out with the windows down and my music blaring (the best way to drive) and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t busy. What I didn’t expect was for the store to be entirely rearranged, so that threw me off a bit. My guess was that they did it to make social-distancing in the store easier, since none of the areas were too tight, and it wasn’t a huge change, so it wasn’t too bad after all.

Anyway, let’s get to my haul… of which I bought three more books than I planned.

  • Someone Like You – Sarah Dessen
  • The Newspaper Club – Beth Vrabel
  • If I Never Met You – Mhairi McFarlane
  • Love in Focus – Yoko Nogiri
  • Boarding School Juliet – Yousuke Kaneda

It was a hard choice for the Sarah Dessen book because there were two of them that I was choosing between, and while I could’ve gotten both, I wanted to same some of my gift card for two books that are coming out next month. The only other one I had planned on getting was If I Never Met You… the other three were all total spontaneous purchases. The Newspaper Club jumped right out at me and I didn’t even think twice before getting it… something I haven’t done in quite a while.

The mangas are probably two that I’m the most excited for. Probably because I’m new to manga in general, but finding contemporary/romance ones was very exciting for me. What’s even better is that Love In Focus is only three volumes, as opposed to most that I’ve seen that have quite a lot of volumes, which can be daunting when you want to buy them but don’t want the commitment of getting over twenty volumes.

So that’s my first post-quarantine book haul. I already know my next two books I’m going to buy in July when they’re released, and depending on if I like the two mangas I got, I’ll probably put those on my wishlist for future purchase. And in the meantime, I can’t wait for some of the independent bookstores around here to open back up so I can support them!

Are any bookstores in your area open yet?

7 thoughts on “Post-Quarantine Book Haul

  1. hollywritingfinch says:

    If I Never Met You is wonderful!! Think I might have read the Sarah Dessen one too but haven’t come across the others before.

    So jealous of the fact that you have bookstores opening up again. We are still pretty much in full lockdown in Scotland and have been since March, so the only shops that are open are supermarkets and other small essential shops and we still can’t visit our friends, only meet one other household outdoors from a two metre distance. Can’t wait for book browsing and a bit of normality!!

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    • Genie in a Novel says:

      Oh good to know! I hope I enjoy that one! I actually haven’t heard much about it yet; it just seemed interesting!(:

      Oh man, that really stinks! The chain bookstores only opened up last week, but more things are opening this week and next. I’m nervous about the re-openings, but also looking forward to some normalcy. Hopefully your area will be safe to reopen soon!

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      • hollywritingfinch says:

        I think non-essential shops in England are opening today but Scotland is being a lot more cautious and keeping things closed! I’m nervous too, so I’m thankful for the gradual easing back in that we have here. Enjoy that extra little bit of freedom and happy reading!

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