Books I’d Love to See as Films

As readers, we always prefer the books over the movie. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t like to see our favorite characters and stories come to life on the big screen (or our TVs/laptops). I have to say that I can’t really complain about a lot of the movies I’ve seen that were based off of books, with the exception of Twilight because those films ruined everything for me. And I do think Harry Potter would’ve been much better as a television show, but I still love the movies and think they did a great job for the most part.

A lot of books are being made into movies these days, like even more so than before. At least it seems that way to me. There are quite a few books I have read that I could easily see become movies, even if the concept has been done before (i.e. the plots of many romantic comedies). Most of the books I’d like to see as films are young-adult, but there are a few new-adult books I’ve read that I’d love to see hit the screen as well.

Books I’d Love to See as Films

1. The Mortality Doctrine trilogy by James Dashner

This series isn’t as popular as The Maze Runner, and I have no idea why. Though I haven’t read that series, I think the Mortality Doctrine could live up to the hype and make for an amazing trilogy of films if it’s done by the right people.

2. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Because Paris, duh! This is just such a cute YA romance that I think would go over well with the audience and fans of the book. On that note, Perkins’ other books would probably make great films too, but I’m partial to this one because of the location and St. Clair.

3. Time Bomb by Joelle Charbonneau

Time Bomb was such an intense read that I feel like it’d be just as intense of a movie. I could picture everything perfectly as it happened, so I do feel like this book would translate well into film. Plus there’s a great cast of characters in the book that I’d love to see on screen.

4. Impossible Music by Sean Williams

A story about a musician who suddenly goes deaf overnight due to a mini-stroke in his brain? Uh, yeah. I think that would go over well as a movie to show character growth in overcoming the impossible obstacles.

5. The Paper Girl of Paris

Not just because of Paris this time, but because the story is so. damn. good.

6. Not Like the Movies by Kerry Winfrey

This would be one of those new-adult rom-com books I was talking about before, but Chloe and Nick are great characters and I’d love to see them come to life!

7. The SOS Duology by E.C. Myers

This would make for a great science fiction/mystery/thriller film for young adults. I could see people on the edge of their seats watching this film because I sure was just reading it! While the second book isn’t quite as good as the first, I think it would still make for a great film as well.

I could probably name a lot of other books that would make for some great movies, but I think I’ll cut it off there as to not be overwhelming with the list. I feel like a lot of my choices reign on the science-fiction, mystery, and thriller categories, but with good reason. These were all books I couldn’t put down as I read, even the other genres. I can just picture them all hitting the screen one day and loving them, as long as they’re done right, of course.

What are some books you’d like to see translated into film format?

4 thoughts on “Books I’d Love to See as Films

  1. Bossylibrarian says:

    I’ve read so many good books this year, it’s hard to narrow down my list! I guess I would like to see, Maybe you should talk to someone, it’s a good mix of funny and sad that could be done well as a movie or show. I would also love to see Circe, it could be incredible. Thanks for the post, it’s a fun exercise!

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