August Blues

This month has been terrible for me reading-wise. It’s the 25th of the month, and I still haven’t finished one book (GASP).

So… guess that means my August TBR List was a bust. Oops.

If I’m being honest, I’m having a hard time mentally right now. It’s like anything I try to do that I normally like doesn’t keep me occupied for long. I know it’s a minor bout of depression, but why? I have no idea. I am not clinically depressed or diagnosed with it, and I feel terrible for those who are. The only thing my mind can really keep concentrated on is watching videos on YouTube or reading fanfiction (which, I guess that does count as reading, haha).

Still, the not reading thing is really bugging me. I have so many books at home that I want to read and no desire to pick them up. I’m going to try one of the common Reading Slump tips, which is to read an old favorite. My go-to is Harry Potter, and even though I reread all seven books last year, I think at least reading the first one will help pull me from this funk I’m in.

At least, I hope.

Stay cute y’all!

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