7 Authors That I Love

Favorite authors. That’s always a fun topic. We all have them, and for our own reasons. Usually it’s because we always like their books, but sometimes it can be because we like them as human beings or their writing style. It could also be that we know them on a personal level too, though that’s not too often the case (but it does happen).

I don’t have too many favorite authors. There are a lot of authors I like, but there are just a select few that I love and will generally love anything they put on a bookshelf, even if I haven’t gotten around to reading all their books yet. Some of my favorites are newer authors, so they don’t have much out, but what they do have out I really enjoyed.

Seven of my Favorite Authors

Karen M. McManus

I think most of us will agree that her debut novel, One of Us is Lying, is a great young-adult mystery novel, though her second and third books surpassed it. In my opinion, Two Can Keep a Secret is the best of her novels so far, including her upcoming novel The Cousins (which you can see my review of the ARC here). She’s definitely got a knack for mystery novels and I look forward to see what she’s got coming next!

Richard Paul Evans

I haven’t read all of his books (yet) but every book that I have read, I’ve loved fully. My favorites are in his Mistletoe Collection. Evans is basically the king of Christmas fiction and gives stories of redemption and hope that are unique in their own ways. He does have books that aren’t based around Christmastime that are on my list and I have heard are just as good as his Christmas books.

Jenna Evans Welch

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Jenna Evans Welch is the daughter of Richard Paul Evans, so apparently writing runs in their family! Her debut novel, Love & Gelato is in my top favorites and I love her ability to make me feel as though I’m in the countries her stories are based in. I’m very much looking forward to reading her next one this fall!

Karen Kingsbury

I love and hate reading Kingsbury’s books because they have a tendency to make me cry my eyes out. Her stories are heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time… I have no idea how she manages that, but she does. She also captures the real struggles of faith that Christians go through, which the relation to this is probably why I cry so much while reading them.

Kasie West

I haven’t read all of her books (yet) but pretty much all of them are on my TBR list radar. I’ve enjoyed the ones of hers that I’ve read so far, my favorite being Listen to Your Heart. Her stories tend to be ones that read easily and are good for when you aren’t quite sure what to read. There isn’t a book of hers that I’ve disliked so far, so I’m hoping that won’t happen in the future.

Stephanie Perkins

I loved Anna and the French Kiss and the books that followed, as well as her short stories in two young-adult anthologies. I have yet to read her young-adult thriller, but I recently picked it up at The Book Barn and I’m thinking of going on a mystery/thriller binge in October, so that’ll be on my soon-to-read list.

Sarah Dessen

I wasn’t quite sure I’d put her on my list, but even though I don’t like a few of her books, I do love her writing style. It’s always easy to follow and she’s able to put you into the story. The books of hers that I do love are fantastic and have stuck with me since finishing them. However, I find an inconsistency of whether I like her books or not. It seems like the ones that I think I’ll love, I don’t like and vice versa. I still have more of hers to read, and even if I end up not liking a few, I’m still looking forward to it because, again, I really enjoy her writing style.

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Well, ladies and gents, those are my top favorite authors. I think one thing that these authors have in common as well is that their fiction is generally clean as well. I’m not one who’s big on excessive cussing or graphic scenes, so I know that with these authors I don’t have to worry about that when I pick up their books. What I love the most is that I’m always looking forward to what these authors will push out next (and to read the books I haven’t gotten to yet).

Who are some of your favorite authors?

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