October Wrap Up

One thing I learned in October… I cannot make potential TBR lists for the month because those end up being my worst reading months. Once again, I only got through one book, while trying to read another. So for the next two months, I’m just reading whatever I feel like reading… no themes, no planned TBR’s… just straight-up mood reading.

Granted, I played a lot (and I mean a lot) of Sims 4 this past month. I’m still on the kick, but I’m trying not to play for as many hours as I was in October. I think a part of it was just getting through some stress, but also playing with some characters I’ve been developing. Sims is pretty good for that. So because of that, I’m still reading my review copy of Love & Olives, which comes out next week. I need to finish it before the release date! 

Anyway, here’s my very tiny summary of October.read month

  1. Librarian Tales by William Ottens – 3 stars
bought month
  • Truly Devious – Maureen Johnson
  • Vincent and Theo: the Van Gogh Brothers – Deborah Heiligman
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What did your October look like for reading/hauls?

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5 thoughts on “October Wrap Up

  1. A Dreamer's Library says:

    I only read one book in October too – The Once and Future Witches by Alix E Harrow. That was certainly a mood read for me because even though I don’t make TBRs, I had a few books on my bedside table I thought I was in the mood to read, and I ditched them all to read Once and Future Witches. I’m glad though as it was certainly the book I needed and luckily, I loved it.

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