How To Lower Your Cost of Reading

This is something we’d all like to do, right? I mean, the best option would be that books just didn’t cost as much as they do, but at the same time, we want to support writers in what they do. After all, writing books isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s pretty insane how many actually get published a year when you think about the writing and publishing process.

With the way this year has been, I’m sure some of us have either bought more books than we anticipated, or not as many as we would have liked to. So we either spent way too much money on books this year (because retail therapy is a thing, especially in a pandemic), or we couldn’t afford them (or as many as we would have liked). I’m somehow on both ends – I bought too many books, but also not all the books I would have liked to have gotten. Either way, I had a lot of money go down the book hole.

But hey, at least it’s books and not something much, much worse, right?

Anyway, we’re always looking to save some money, so here are a few ways we bookworms can cut our cost of reading, at least a little bit.

How to Lower Your Cost of Reading

1. Use the library

The most obvious one. Libraries are huge in our communities. While they do more than just provide reading material for their towns, that’s still obviously one of their main services. I find a lot of times that it’s better to read a book from the library because I am most likely only going to read the book once, maybe twice, in my lifetime. However, my inner book-dragon likes having my own personal library, which is why I’m more likely to buy a book. That, and I have a tendency to not end up reading books I take out from work, even after keeping them at home for a month.

2. Buy used books

I know, I know. In a time of a pandemic, who wants to do that? The good thing is that we know this virus (and most viruses) don’t live on surfaces long. So as long as you quarantine your books for a few days and sanitize your hands after purchasing, you’re good to go. I personally love going to library sales, and it’s what I’ve really missed doing this year. Of course, there’s also Thriftbooks, which I’ve gotten a lot of books from that are in great condition, and for super-low prices!

3. Coupons

Major bookstores like Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million offer email coupons to get a certain percentage off regular priced books. They also have tons of sales going on all the time (like buy one, get one 50% off) that tends to include a lot of popular titles or genres. If you’re someone who tends to spend a lot on books throughout the year, it’s also worth looking into their memberships where you pay an annual fee to get 10% off all purchases. But that’s only worth it if you actually buy a lot… not just an occasional book.

4. Going Digital

Sometimes, the best way is to just go digital. E-books are often cheaper than their physical counterparts, and of course save on shelf space in our personal libraries. While it’s not the same as reading a book, some people do prefer it because Kindles and Nooks are lighter and are easier to travel with. Digital books often go on sale for as low as $0.99 at times and that’s where I find that I tend to buy a ton at once, then forget they exist. But hey, it’s a good deal!

5. Borrow from friends

The same gist as the library, but there’s no overdue fines or wondering who had the book before you. I don’t do this often, but I’m extra careful when I do borrow from a friend. In fact, I think I still have three books that I borrowed from one of my best friends that I still need to read… whoops!

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Those are my very common ways of saving money on books that I have for you. I know, not very original, but sometimes I feel like we all need to be reminded that there are ways we can save, but still have our books and read them too.

What are some ways you try to save money on books?

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5 thoughts on “How To Lower Your Cost of Reading

  1. jarilissima says:

    Another one I would suggest is checking out the local Craigslist ads. I’m currently giving away a ton of YA books to declutter, so whoever answers first is getting a ton of great books for free! 😀

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