2021 Reading Tracker

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

So it’s nearing the end of the year and I know we’re all ready for 2020 to be over. I just hope 2021 is a lot better for everyone. While I didn’t personally have a tough year, just the virus and anxiety issues I’ve had this year has made it hard to enjoy life much. I’m a lot better than where I was earlier this year, but still a work in progress.

I decided to get ahead of the game and prepare my 2021 Reading Log spreadsheet on Google Sheets. Obviously it wasn’t hard as I just had to clear my information from my 2020 Tracker. I ended up liking how it came out, so I didn’t need to make any drastic changes after my most recent edit to the tracker earlier this year.

To give you an idea of what my spreadsheet looks like, you can check out my post My Updated Reading Tracker where I have a breakdown of it. And below I have a blank copy of my reading tracker that you can download and use for yourself!

>>Get the Spreadsheet here <<

Feel free to customize it as you please to fit your reading needs! You can always add or remove categories to your preferences. All you have to do to save the reading tracker as your own is go to File, > Make a copy… and then save it to your Google Drive!

Have a happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) or otherwise just have a great Thursday!

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6 thoughts on “2021 Reading Tracker

    • Genie in a Novel says:

      Shoot! I totally spaced on that! There is a way to add or change it though. In that Retail Source column you have to select all the boxes and then go to Data>Data Validation and you can change or add stores.

      I’m also going to change the template to include Indigo since I interact with a lot of bookish people from Canada 😊
      I’ll probably add Book Depository as well 🤔

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