December 2020 Wrap Up

Congratulations everyone! We finished the fifth year of 2020!

While I know everything won’t magically get better when the clock hits midnight, it’s nice to think that 2021 is a fresh start. New year, new goals (well, reading goals), and honestly, I’m just a fan of odd numbered years. Maybe because my birthday is literally all odd numbers is why I’m partial to them.

So for once, I didn’t buy any books! I managed to make it through a month without buying a book for myself, even with all the Christmas shopping I did! I did, however, get four books as presents which I’m excited to read all of them. And since it’s tradition for my mom and I to go to the bookstore on New Year’s Day, I’ll probably buy some books tomorrow to start off the year (because books). Even if we don’t end up going, I’ve got my online carts ready to go.

Overall, this was a good month for reading. The Reindeer Readathon definitely helped me pick some books and knock them off my TBR list, and it was fun to participate in! I’m looking forward to doing some other readathons in 2021.

read month
  1. The Van Gogh Deception | Goodreads | Bookshop
  2. Tradition | Goodreads | Bookshop
  3. A Quiet Kind of Thunder | Goodreads | Bookshop
  4. The Mistletoe Inn | Goodreads | Bookshop
  5. Lock & Key | Goodreads | Bookshop
  6. The Mistletoe Secret | Goodreads | Bookshop
  7. A Classic Christmas | Goodreads | Bookshop
  8. The Code for Love and Heartbreak | Goodreads | Bookshop
  9. The Uncommon Reader | Goodreads | Bookshop
  10. Recommended For You | Goodreads | Bookshop
bought month
  • This Train is Being Held – Ismee Amiel Williams
  • Paris, My Sweet – Amy Thomas
  • Paris is Always a Good Idea – Jenn McKinlay
  • Chasing Lucky – Jenn Bennett

*all the books I got this month were Christmas gifts! 🙂

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What did your December look like for reading/hauls?

Happy New Year everyone!

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