Novel Nerds Group Chat!

One thing that I enjoy the most about the bookish community is just talking to other bookish people. While I’m pretty easygoing about chatting with people about books and whatnot, I haven’t made many close friends. I have made one or two, and I’m very glad for them, though I would like to be chatty with more people as well.

For the Reindeer Readathon we had team chats on Twitter. I loved being a part of a bookish group chat, but sometimes doing them on social media accounts can be annoying. At least, I find it annoying to have group messages on social media. Maybe I’m the only one, but maybe I’m not.

However, I do want to start up a bookish group chat using Google Hangouts. I used Hangouts a lot for group projects while in my MLIS program and it was so easy! Just like texting but without having to give out personal phone numbers. So if anyone is interested in a bookish group chat through Hangouts, just fill out the form in the link below with your contact email and we can get one going!

Novel Nerds Group Chat Contact Form

You can also let me know if you filled out the form in the comments, but you don’t have to. And please, only fill it out if you really want to have your phone blowing up with chats, haha. I know one thing about bookish people and it’s that we get excited easily!

9 thoughts on “Novel Nerds Group Chat!

    • Genie in a Novel says:

      Well, two reasons for not using discord…
      1.) Discord never came to mind
      2.) I’m a newb and barely know how to use discord 😅

      But if more people decide they’d like to use that I’m sure I could learn to navigate it in time. It just confuses me as of now.


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