Manga Review: Persona5, Vol. 1

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This series sounded intriguing when I picked up the volume at work after a co-worker read it. The story follows Akira Kurusu who is starting at a new school after getting in trouble for assaulting a guy that was hurting a woman. This is his chance to start new and keep a low profile. But on his way to school, he runs into another student and the two are suddenly sent into a parallel universe that was created by one of the teachers. While trying to escape, Akira unlocks his Persona which helps them make their getaway, but they realize they’ll need to go back to defeat this thing to undo all the happenings in their real life.

So… I was a little confused while reading. Not in a way that I couldn’t follow the story, that seemed simple enough. I guess it’s more like background stuff that is kind of missing from this, especially like what exactly are these Personas and why they’re a thing and how people get them. I learned afterward that this manga is based off a video game, which might explain more if I played it… though I have no interest in doing so. Akira and the other student, Ryuji, seem like interesting characters and had a good rapport, which made me like them. The gym teacher was a total creep and needs to go.

The scandal going on in the school and how it paralleled with this alternate world is a fantastic plot, and I like how Ryuji and Akira take it upon themselves to try to get the sports players to admit that something is going on with the gym teacher. What pissed me off was seeing how the gym teacher was getting away with abusing and manipulating students, but then somehow Akira and Ryuji get in trouble instead.

It wasn’t a bad story at all, and it seems like it will get good as the series goes on. However, I’m not planning to continue on. It was intriguing, but it’s not a story line that I’m very interested in. If I were to continue, it would be because I like the characters more than the story.

That said, if you’ve played this game or like manga based on video games, this is one you might want to check out.

Rating: 3/5 stars

One thought on “Manga Review: Persona5, Vol. 1

  1. 24hr.YABookBlog says:

    I probably wouldn’t pick up the manga anytime soon because I’ve already played some of the game (which is pretty fun). I was a bit confused at first too, but the game really adds more depth to the story and characters! Super nice review! ✨

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