Unloading My TBR Pile

We’ve all looked at our TBR piles (whether the actual pile or our Goodreads lists) and felt the dread of knowing that we might not ever read some of those books because there are just so many good books to read and not nearly enough time. I’m sure we’ve all felt the pressure to want to read all the books at once, as well as just giving up and laying there not being able to read because, again, too. many. books.

As I’ve been looking through my Never Ending TBR List that I keep, as well as my TBR cart at home, I’ve realized that I’ve kind of lost interest in wanting to read some of the books I have on there. I reread the summaries of the books and/or tried reading the first chapter or two of some of them, but I’m just not interested in them anymore. Whether it’s for this point in time or forever, I’m not sure. But I decided on something… I need to unload that list a little.

So I went to Goodreads, where I keep most of the books I want to read because it’s just easier for me, and took at least fifty or so books off the list, including some of the ones on my TBR cart. I feel like this will give me a little less pressure when I’m deciding what to read next. It’ll be better once I unhaul some of my books… though of course I’ll probably buy more to replace them.

Oh well.

Still, seeing less books on the list of what I want to read is making me feel a little better. I mean, there’s still close to 200 books on the list, but… you know how it is. There are some I left on there that I was on the fence about, but they’ll most likely come off the list. I figure if I end up wanting to read them anyway, it doesn’t matter if it was on my list or not. That happens with a lot of books.

Now, let’s see how long it takes before my list gets out of control again!

Have you done an unload recently or feel like you might need to?

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6 thoughts on “Unloading My TBR Pile

  1. 24hr.YABookBlog says:

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently! When I look on my goodreads shelf I’m sure there’s some books I’m probably not interested in anymore, just have not found the time to clean it up. But then I also think, “what if I WILL read that, just not right now?” 😂✨

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  2. asic says:

    oooh i’ve been trying sooo hard to get my tbr down but it’s so hard😭😭 if i remove a few books, i’ll have another 5-10 books added to the pile again by the end of the week😭😭😭


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