Custom Bookmarks – Etsy Shop

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m very excited because this weekend I finally went ahead and did something that I was contemplating for a while, and then decided to just take the plunge…

I opened an Etsy shop for custom bookmarks!

I know there are a lot of bookish people that do this on Etsy, but I love making my own and I kind of hate that they don’t get as much love as I’d like them to. I try to rotate my bookmarks, but again, I wish others could see them. So I figured why not open an Etsy shop to sell some of my designs? And this weekend I went ahead and did just that.

etsy 1etsy 2

As of right now, there are eight different designs that I’ve stocked my shop with, and this is sort of a trial run to see if it’s even worth putting time into it. If not, I plan to put the bookmarks out at work for patrons to take when they visit. I’m hoping the shop will take off though, and that people will like these bookmark designs as much as I do.

So, that’s it. I have an Etsy shop now. You can check it out by clicking the first image above or on the sidebar under my mini-bio.

new signature2

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