Review: The Hero’s Price

War rages on.

Magic remains an enduring mystery.

With wounded pride, the plutonians hold nothing back. The galaxy will be theirs, even if it must first be reduced to ash. The rebellion, however, continues to fight. New alliances on Venus and Mercury have reinvigorated their efforts. The galaxy will not simply bend to plutonian rule. But with such a heavy burden placed upon its leaders, cracks are starting to show.

Mistakes are made. Promises are forgotten. Trust is broken.

At the head of the rebellion, Patrick does what he deems necessary to keep them moving forward.

But, as he will soon find out, there is a hefty price for playing hero.

Picking back up where The Burn of Magic left off, we continue following Patrick and his alien rebellion army to a few more destinations, including the Sun, Venus, and eventually back to Earth, where the Plutonian army has taken over Patrick’s hometown. Along the way, they find out that there is only one real way to be able to defeat the Plutonian Army, but there’s one certain orb they need to get to before the King does.

The pacing of this book is great. There’s no dull moments and each chapter has its purpose to the story. I did get a little impatient during some chapters because I cared more about Patrick and his group than the army that had taken over Patrick’s town, but it was good to see what was happening there before Patrick got back. In my opinion, I would’ve liked more of Plupotia in the story, it just seemed like she wasn’t in it as much as the previous two books.

What I really liked in this story, and also got annoyed with, was Patrick slowly being ousted as the leader of his rebellion group. The reason I liked it was because it gave Patrick some more emotions to deal with during all this, but I also felt bad for him as well. 

The ending… I wasn’t so fond of. I like the twist at the end, but it also just summarized another year of Patrick’s life as he trained on his own and pulled himself away from his group, until he finally goes back. But there is a little cliffhanger at the end which has me ready for the next book, even though it won’t come out until 2022. 

Rating: 3.5 stars

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