Review: Throw Like a Girl

When softball star Liv Rodinsky throws one ill-advised punch during the most important game of the year, she loses her scholarship to her fancy private school, her boyfriend, and her teammates all in one fell swoop. With no other options, Liv is forced to transfer to the nearest public school, Northland, where she’ll have to convince its coach she deserves a spot on the softball team, all while facing both her ex and the teammates of the girl she punched… Every. Single. Day.

Enter Grey, the injured star quarterback with amazing hair and a foolproof plan: if Liv joins the football team as his temporary replacement, he’ll make sure she gets a spot on the softball team in the spring. But it will take more than just a flawless spiral for Liv to find acceptance in Northland’s halls, and behind that charismatic smile, Grey may not be so perfect after all.

Liv Rodinsky is Windor Prep’s star softball player. But when a girl from a rival team makes a hateful comment during the semi-final game, Liv loses her temper and punches the girl right out… and then loses her scholarship. Now at a new school, she finds herself at the mercy of the coach of that rival team to be able to play the next season, and she has to join a fall sport to show that she can be a team player. So when Grey, the quarterback of the Northland football team, makes her an offer she can’t refuse, Liv finds herself as a quarterback filling in until Grey is cleared to be back on the field.

I was so into the story that I probably could’ve read it in one sitting if I’d had the time. I’m glad I didn’t though, as I was able to enjoy it in pieces as I found time to read, and when I wasn’t reading I was thinking about getting back to the book. Through the entire book I was rooting for Liv because I was also a softball player in a past life, and football is my favorite sport to watch. I give the author kudos for making me feel like I was watching Liv’s games as opposed to reading them. That might not be the case for those who aren’t as big on football, but you can still get the gist of what’s happening.

Of course, not everything goes smoothly for Liv on the team. First of all, her ex-boyfriend, Jake, is the star running back and isn’t too happy about her being on the team at first. Then there’s the obvious issue that there are going to be boys who weight 100 pounds more than her coming at her full-force. But Liv is determined to see this through since it’s her only possible way to get on the softball team in the spring.

As for the characters in this book, I liked all of them but that one girl, Stacey, who made the comment to Liv in the first chapter. Liv seemed like she could be temperamental, as seen by her fist-throwing, but she does learn from her mistake and learns to face circumstances head-on when they’re stacked against her. Her growth makes her a better team player and to even be a friend to her enemies when she know it’s the right thing to do.

Grey was adorable with Liv right from the start, in that fun way where he banters with her and they have an instant connection. He wasn’t he arrogant kind of star quarterback that you usually see portrayed on TV, and he was instantly likable. Grey was the perfect guide for Liv as she navigated playing a new, and rough, sport; most of all being her number one cheerleader from the bench. He makes some mistakes himself, but he’s another character that learns from them, and learning pays off in the end. For both Liv and Grey.

Again, there was a great cast of characters in this book, including Liv’s family, her best friend, Addie, and the boys on the football team. I could go on about them all, but that would take too long. Just know that they’re all great for the most part.

Overall, this book was such an adorable yet badass read. It was definitely the best sports young-adult book that I’ve read in my life, and not just because it showed that girls can kick ass at boys’ sports. If you like YA romance and/or sports fiction, or just a book with a strong female character this will be a great book for you! 

Rating: 5 stars

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