Tropes I Love to Read

For the most part, I never really pay attention to tropes in the books I read. I know they’re there, but I don’t usually judge a book by what trope it seems to follow. Again, it’s not on the front of my mind. As long as the summary of the book sounds good, I’ll pick it up and read it. However, as I’ve seen other bloggers point out their favorite and least favorite tropes, I’ve come to realize I have my own likes and dislikes as well. But, let’s focus on the positive – aka: the tropes I enjoy reading the most.

Bookish Tropes I Love to Read

Enemies to Lovers

I’m usually entertained with this one because the banter between the characters is usually great. I love it when they make small digs at each other (that aren’t scarring). The best part of it all is that the two don’t usually distinguish their true feelings for the other, or at least one of them knows how they feel but hide it by being a jerk. Overall, I’m just usually entertained and half the time I scream, “Just kiss already!” at some point in the book.

Book Recommendation: Perfect Chemistry – Simone Elkeles

Fake Dating

I find these ones to be similar to the enemies-to-lovers because a lot of times it is enemies that are fake dating for whatever reason. Some other times it’s complete strangers or slight acquaintances who are in this fake relationship. It could be to avoid questioning relatives at a get-together, publicity, or to make an ex jealous. Whatever the reason, these usually end up as great stories that are full of fun and romance.

Book Recommendation: The Mistletoe Promise – Richard Paul Evans

Forbidden Love

Just like Romeo & Juliet, I’m a sucker for the forbidden romance. Whether it’s because families don’t like each other or a parent doesn’t want their child dating a certain person (or at all), I like the bit of rebellion that the characters show when they go with what their heart wants. What I don’t like in this trope is if it’s an inappropriate romance. That’s where I draw the line. Other than that, I like how usually in contemporary books that everything works out for the characters… for the most part, anyway.

Book Recommendation: Since We Last Spoke – Brenda Rufener

Second Chance

Whether it’s a second chance at love or life, I usually love this trope because I personally believe in second chances. It’s never too late to get a fresh start no matter where you are in life. The same goes for having a second chance with someone you loved but didn’t end up with them. Sometimes either you just aren’t ready at that time or other circumstances get in the way. It’s a sweet thing when two people who were together but didn’t stay that way eventually find their way back to one another.

Book Recommendation: The Chance – Karen Kingsbury

Going Back to Hometown

In a way, it’s a lot like the Second Chance trope because the character is going back to where they started. However, sometimes it’s not on their own accord. Sometimes the character is forced to go back either by a family death or failure to make it on their own. I like both situations because the character is forced to deal with their past when they thought they wouldn’t have to again, and most times they grow from the experience. The alternate to this is when the character has grown before the story begins and they’re going to right the wrongs that happened in the past.

Book Recommendation: The Printed Letter Bookshop – Katherine Reay

Alternate Timelines

I’ve read a few books this year that featured alternate timelines, where you can see the two different outcomes of a choice the character makes (or something like the outcome of flipping a coin). As a person who thinks of the What-Ifs in life, I really enjoy these stories and seeing what happens to the characters in the different scenarios. I wish I could do that with my own life, honestly.

Book Recommendation: Where It All Lands – Jennie Wexler

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What is your take on some of these tropes? What are some of your favorites? And if you have any other recommendations for these (or other tropes) leave them in the comments! 

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8 thoughts on “Tropes I Love to Read

  1. Evie says:

    Ohh alternate timelines are so much fun to read! I never would have thought of that since I haven’t read many of them. Fake dating and forbidden loves are my top favorites though!

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