Review: One of Us is Lying

The Breakfast Club with a murder-mystery twist. A group of students end up in detention together who normally do not socialize with one another. There Addy, the pretty cheerleader; Cooper, the all-American jock; Nate, the criminal; Bronwyn, the brain; and Simon, the weirdo, gossip. But instead of all five of them leaving having learned more about each other possibly friends, only four come out of detention that day because Simon doesn’t make it out alive.

When it’s revealed that Simon’s death wasn’t an accident, and that he’d planned on revealing secrets on his four detention-mates later that week, Cooper, Addy, Bronwyn, and Nate become murder suspects. Now the four of them have to work together to prove their innocence, and hopefully keep their secrets from being revealed.

I was shocked when I realized I hadn’t reviewed this book the first time around, but oh well, that happens. I felt the need to reread this book now that the series has been released on Peacock, several episodes at a time. For the most part, I remembered what happened, but as to how they go to the end and figuring out how Simon died… I needed my memory to be jogged.

The story itself is fantastic. I mean, Breakfast Club with a murder twist? Yes, please! I’m also a fan of people who wouldn’t normally talk to each other having to suddenly work together, then form a bond that they never expected, which is exactly what happens here. And honestly, I feel that the Bayview Four learn who their real friends are as they’re put through the wringer of the murder investigation.

Then the pacing of the story is perfect in my opinion. I love that the book just dives right into the story. There’s no waiting for the mystery to get started, and most of the book is trying to figure out what exactly happened and who’s behind it all. Though if I’m honest, you can figure out who’s behind Simon’s death early on, but there are some great little twists along the way.

As far as the characters go, I love Nate and Bronwyn the best. Bronwyn is just very relatable to me in some ways, not all, but some. She’s determined to figure out who killed Simon, even when she’s told to leave it alone, and I admire her perseverance because if she listened to her parents (and everyone else) they never would have figured it out. And Nate, the total bad-boy that you can’t help but love. He’s actually very sweet and you feel for him not only from his upbringing but also because he feels like he’ll amount to nothing because of his past, when really he’s so much more.

My only issue with this story is how the ending seems a little rushed. At least to me it did. And by this I mean how they figured out Simon’s killer just in one little meeting with some notes Bronwyn had. I will say though that how they got the confession was great and the person behind the new posts after Simon’s death was a bit of a twist, which I enjoyed.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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