October 2021 Wrap Up

In the past few years, October is usually the month where I go into a bad reading slump. However, this year, I read sixteen books. Yeah, sixteen. It’s not the most I’ve read in a month (that would be 25 books in January of 2019) but it’s the most I’ve read for a month in a while. Granted, eight of those books were volumes of Haikyu!!, but manga counts as literature too. The only reason I bring those up is the fact that I read five of them in one day… so I can go through them pretty quickly.

Other than that, I mainly stuck to my Planned October TBR, though I did swap out my Agatha Christie read. And the rest of the books I was in the mood to read were mysteries as well, and given the month, that makes a lot of sense. I read and reread some really good ones, so it was hard to choose my favorite book of the month. It’s a toss-up between And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and Aftermath by Terri Blackstock, as they were the two books I couldn’t stop thinking about when I wasn’t reading them.

read month

  1. Haikyu!! vol. 3 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰
  2. Reputation – Sara Shepard ✰✰✰✰
  3. Haikyu!! vol. 4 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰✰
  4. Haikyu!! vol. 5 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰
  5. Heist Society – Ally Carter ✰✰✰✰
  6. Eliza and Her Monsters – Francesca Zappia ✰✰✰✰✰
  7. One of Us is Lying – Karen McManus ✰✰✰✰.5
  8. Haikyu!! vol. 6 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰✰
  9. Haikyu!! vol. 7 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰✰✰
  10. Haikyu!! vol. 8 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰✰.5
  11. Haikyu!! vol. 9 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰
  12. Haikyu!! vol. 10 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰✰
  13. And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie ✰✰✰✰✰
  14. Code of Silence – Tim Shoemaker ✰✰✰✰.5
  15. Aftermath – Terri Blackstock ✰✰✰✰✰
  16. That Weekend – Kara Thomas ✰✰✰✰✰

bought month

Physical Books

  • Aftermath – Terri Blackstock
  • Persuasion – Jane Austen
  • Christmas by the Book – Anne Marie Ryan


  • Once Upon a Prince – Rachel Hauck
  • Princess Ever After – Rachel Hauck
  • How to Catch a Prince – Rachel Hauck

watched month

58679358I had to watch the adaptation of One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus when it made its debut to Peacock for streaming. While keeping up with the show (episodes were released in three batches, weekly) I also reread the book because it had been years, and noticed all the changes they made. Some changes didn’t really matter, but others just left me going “what the hell? why?” because they didn’t make sense. Then the ending just really irritated me because of the way they changed that.

Despite the changes though, the show is great. It’s probably more enjoyable if you haven’t read the book, but either way they pretty much did an amazing job. I just don’t understand some of the changes.

220px-haikyu_season_1_dvd_coverHaikyu!! is obviously the anime adaptation of the manga series, and unfortunately I’m going to need to find it somewhere else to continue watching since October 31st was the last day it was on Netflix. In any case, the show is so good and it’s hilarious at times. I always die at the animation of the characters in anime, then add in characters like Tanaka and Nishinoya, and the show is even funnier. I really hope I’m able to find the anime somewhere to keep watching it because I’m loving it so much.

divider new

So that’s my October Wrap up. I’ll be posting my November TBR shortly, and by then I’ll probably have started on it because I’m in one of those “REAL ALL THE BOOKS” moods, so I’m gonna read all the books. And try to find out where I can keep watching Haikyu!! Though if I have to, I’ll buy the DVDs if they’re available to get in my region.

What did your October look like for reading/hauls?

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