Review: That Weekend

What is supposed to be a fun prom weekend turns into a nightmare for Claire Keough when she wakes up in the middle of the woods, alone. Her best friends, Kat and Jesse, are nowhere to be found, and what’s worse is that Claire doesn’t remember anything after Friday night.

Days pass as the search continues for Kat and Jesse, meanwhile Claire tries to bring back any memories of what happened so they can find her friends. But as time goes on, and Claire investigates for the missing memories, she finds that she might not have known her best friends as well as she thought. She begins to wonder if she really wants answers to what happened that weekend, because knowing what happened might be worse than not knowing.

I was gripped right from the start of this book, which opens with Claire waking up on the mountain and no memory of how she got there or where her friends are. Most of the book is in Claire’s point of view, including a few chapters that flashback to that weekend and up until what Claire remembers before she and her friends go camping. Then later, it switches to Kat’s point of view before and during that weekend, so we get to see some of what Claire doesn’t remember from their trip. Every word written just kept me hooked and wanting to know exactly what happened and why. 

The book makes a time jump that I was not expecting at all to see how Claire is coping months after her friends disappeared. The jump really surprised me. I literally was like, “WHAT?!” and flipped back to make sure I didn’t miss anything. It’s little surprises like that that end up making me love a book even more because it’s just so unexpected (as long as it works, anyway). 

I really felt for Claire during the entire story because I can’t imagine what it would be like to go through something like that, and most of all not knowing what happened to even try to get the answers. I thought her character was written well because we even see that Claire isn’t perfect either, not that she has anything to do with her friends’ disappearance, but that there are some things she’s kept from them before that weekend happened. I admired her tenacity to figure out what happened and to get her memory back because some people would just give up. 

As for Kat, once we get to her chapters of her side of the story before and during prom weekend, we get to learn the secrets that she kept from her best friend. I felt for her with how her family was and what she went through, but at the same time she sounded a little whiny and some of her decisions where just… I don’t know. And Jesse, I still don’t even know how I feel about him at the end because it’s just… yikes. I’m still reeling from the major plot twist of the story and I even texted my friend who told me to read this saying “what the hell did I just read???”

So, overall, this is an amazing book. There are twists that are totally unexpected which just made me love the book, despite how shocking the twists actually are. If you’ve never read a Kara Thomas book before (like me until this one) then I suggest reading this one first.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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