My 2021 DNF List

I’m very glad that I started living by the mantra, “life’s too short to read books you aren’t enjoying” and no longer push through a book I’m just not interested in. It’s saved me a lot of turmoil this year, and in the past couple of years, really. Thankfully, this year there were only three books that I couldn’t get through, and at least one of them is one that I’ll give another chance to because I was in my reading slump when I tried to read it. It’s not the book’s fault I wasn’t in the right mood.

Books I Did Not Finish in 2021

American Sherlock: Murder, Forensics, and the Birth of American CSI by Kate Winkler Dawson

This book is one that I think is great for people who love true crime and forensics, which I am interested in, but not on a deep level. The beginning of this book had me hooked though, so I thought I’d really enjoy it, but before the 100th page I just started to get a little “meh” about reading it and knew I had to finally put it down.

That said, I don’t think it’s that this book is bad. I’m just not as into true crime as other people are and found some of this book getting too technical for me. I do recommend it though if you love true crime and the investigation behind crimes.

City of Villains by Estelle Laure

When I started this book I had been really into Descendants (again) and everything about Disney Villains, so this should’ve been the perfect read at the time. I’m not even really sure why I lost interest in reading this, but two weeks went by where I didn’t touch the book and when I thought about picking it up to read, I was turned off by the thought. Maybe it’s because I was so into Descendants that I was reading a lot of fanfiction at the time that it just sort of made me fall into a bit of a reading slump.

I’m unsure if I’ll be trying to give this book another go or not – most likely not. I do really love the idea and the fact that it’s about teen Disney villains, but I’m just not sure if this was the right book for me.

Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham

I’ve had this book on my shelf for years, so I finally decided to try and give it a shot. Then… I’m not even sure what happened. I think this was another one of those books I tried to use to get out of a reading slump, but it wasn’t the right book for that time. I mean, the summary sounds interesting and my kind of book, and I love Lauren Graham, but I just couldn’t get that into the book when I tried to read it. My mind kept veering off, so I finally just set it back on my TBR cart.

I totally plan to give this book another shot. It’s not its fault that I wasn’t feeling it at the time. Maybe sometime in 2022 I’ll be more into the right mood to read this one all the way through.

I’m glad there were only three books that I didn’t get through this year, and yet I still was able to get over 100 books read (a first for me). I mean, I have to thank manga for upping my numbers and getting me out of slumps, but still. Reading is reading, no matter what kind of book or format of the book. I don’t really enjoy not finishing a book I start, but it’s saved me from feeling like I’ve wasted time reading a book I didn’t enjoy. And I think that’s more important, especially considering how many books are out there.

Did you DNF any books this year?

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