My 2021 Year in Books

Welp… I mentioned a couple of times that I actually hit the 100 book threshold for 2021 and read a total of 105 books. I’m still shocked at the total, and also a little proud of myself because even though I hit a couple of slumps, I pushed through and found another way to beat them.

One thing I noticed that I already plan to change for my 2022 spreadsheet is to log how many pages I read on books that I didn’t finish. Technically, even if I didn’t finish a book, I still read the pages up to where I said “no more” and put the book down. That said, despite my Goodreads stats saying that I didn’t hit the 30,000 page mark… I actually did counting the books I didn’t finish.

Anyway, let’s get to the books and stats!

The Books

Yeah… that’s a lot of books. Yet I still see people going up to 200 or more a year. I don’t’ even know how that’s possible. So if you happen to know, clue a girl in. I don’t want to read that many a year, I just want to know how others pull it off.

As for me, I know the only reason I was able to read as many as I did was because of manga. I read a total of 31 manga books this year, and half of those were from the Haikyu!! series (and there’s 45 in that series). I guess if I keep up on reading manga, I’ll be likely to hit 100 books again, but I’m not counting on it.

If you want to know my favorite books of the year, you can check out my post listing my top ten.

The Stats

I know that’s a lot of stats, but they’re fun to look at, right? Well, at least I think they are. What I found were some great stats were that about half the books I read were from the library (that went way up) and I wasn’t surprised that nearly 75% of my books were young-adult. I still love reading YA, and I probably will until I’m an old lady. I’m also proud of myself for not spending a lot of money on books at Amazon. I really hate buying books from there, even if they are cheaper.

Stats that I’d like to change are how much money I spend a year on books, not including gift cards (because that’s not my money), and the formats I read. While I love physical books, I really want to read a chunk of the ebooks I have on my Nook, and listen to some of the freebie audiobooks I got in my free trials of Audible and The audiobook thing is going to be harder, as I have a bad attention span with audiobooks, but I want to at least try to listen to a few this year.

And that’s the summary of my year in books! My December 2021 wrap-up will be up in a day or two!

How did your year of reading look?
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