5 Books That My Mom Loves

To swap things up a little, I decided to share a small list of some of my mom’s favorite books. After all, she’s the reason I grew up with my nose stuck in a book because I followed her example. She introduced me to reading at a very young age – before I even started Kindergarten – and read with me as I grew up.

Our tastes differ now (they probably always have), but not by much. It’s more that I read more young adult and new adult novels whereas she doesn’t read many of them. Only once in a great while she will, but the ones she does read she ends up loving. She also has her preferred authors that she likes to stick to now, but I find that the ones she enjoys are ones I also enjoy for regular fiction.

The mother of classics (ha). This 1037 page novel tells the tale of Scarlett O’Hara through the time of the American Civil War. No, there’s no character quite like Scarlett. Just wait until she meets her match, the infamous Rhett Butler.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Pioneer Woman or have seen her kitchenware in stores. I used to catch her show while I was at the gym working out (ironic, right?) pre-2020. My mom loves her story that she tells in this memoir, and since she really loves it, I want to read it as well.

My mom raves about this book and wants me to read it, so I probably should. She’s been saying it for years now. I just get distracted by all the other books on my TBR that this one doesn’t rank as high in priority, but I think I’ll change that…

This is the book my mom says made her fall in love with Ireland. While I myself enjoyed continuing Scarlett O’Hara’s story (despite my dislike of her) I didn’t quite feel that same pull she did. Still, it’s worth a read if you’re a Gone With the Wind fan.

This is one of my mom’s favorites by Richard Paul Evans, but probably not her favorite, favorite. I’m not sure, but as far as his standalones go, this is one of her top books by him. I have read this one twice and I adore it, plus the movie (while it was changed drastically) was good as well.

These are probably only a few of what books my mom really loves, but I wasn’t able to get a longer list out of her. She loves pretty much all of Richard Paul Evans’s books, or at least the ones she’s read so far. She also likes Karen Kingsbury, Jenny Colgan, Danielle Steel (the older works), and some Amish fiction by an author I can’t remember at the moment. I like reading books that my mom enjoys because it gives us something else we can talk about. An example is when I was reading Gone With the Wind during the 2020 quarantine, I kept talking to her about it and it was just some enjoyable conversation – mostly trash talking Scarlett – but still. You get the idea.

Have you read any of these books? What are some books your moms love, or you love if you’re a mom?
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